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My Day at Fennies

my day at fennies

Arrival and breakfast

The day starts with a very warm welcome into the nursery and breakfast for our early starters. We encourage you to share with us any of your child’s milestones, learnings or special moments that they have enjoyed over the weekend or at home as part of the morning handover. This will help us provide the best support and care for your child during their busy day.

Morning Session

Our nursery rooms offer continuous provision which means that the children can access the seven areas of learning at any time. In addition, we will always look to add stimulating and varied activities that relate to the children’s interests and seasonal events.

Lunch time

Children eat together within their key groups making it a social and relaxed occasion where they can review the day so far. Children enjoy a range of healthy and nutritious meals that are freshly prepared and cooked on site by our own nursery chefs. Our menus are developed specifically for children under 5 in collaboration with childcare expert Annabel Karmel.
Older children have the opportunity to develop self-help skills and assist in laying the tables.

Sleep/rest time

Children are able to rest according to their needs and for younger babies we will work with you to ensure that their regular sleep patterns are followed throughout the day.

Afternoon Session

The afternoon continues with children undertaking a wide range of play and learning experiences that will help to them in their development.

Tea time

This is usually served around 3.15pm for the children. This healthy tea is a light meal that is intended to fill the gap between lunch and their evening meal.

Home time

Every day, your key person will write a daily diary of your child’s development with detail of what they have enjoyed and learnt during their day. It will also include details of their food and drink, nappy movements, and sleep times. The childcare team will share this with you daily at pick up.

Our extra activities

We work with a number of partners in the local community to enhance your child’s experiences and learning.

  • Jo jingles
  • Sing and Sign
  • Leaps and Bounds
  • Click It
  • Learn Spanish

Special events

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