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Settle in Period

settle in period

We want to ease the transition into our nursery environment by making sure that every child we welcome into our nursery is loved, stimulated, safe and secure.

We recognise that every child is different and will have different needs so after you have registered with us, we will assign you a Key Person and organise a bespoke, two week, free of charge settling in schedule.

Your first settle session will be an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with our nursery and for us to explain and complete your child’s registration records and begin to capture details for their amazing learning journey.
We can also offer a home visit by your child’s key person as part of your settling in period.

During the first week of settling we would expect you as the parent, carer or close relative to stay with your child for some or all of the settling sessions. Gradually, increasing time away as your child (and you) begins to adjust to the new environment.

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Our relationship with you and open communication is vital for your child’s success, we operate an open door policy and encourage you to regularly speak to our managers and your key person. We can send you photos of your child and are happy to call you with regular updates during your first weeks of nursery life, as you and your child adjusts to the new routine. You are always welcome to stop by or pick up the phone during the day for an update or a question.

Every day, your key person will write a daily diary of your child’s development with detail of what they have enjoyed and learnt during their day. It will also include details of their food and drink, nappy movements, and sleep times. They will share this with you daily at pick up and we encourage you to also share with us any of your child’s milestones, learnings or special moments that they have enjoyed over the weekend or at home.