A Q&A With Dame Sarah Storey

Sarah Storey showing gold medal to child at fennies nursery

Britain’s most successful Paralympian and Fennies partner, Dame Sarah Storey, answers questions about everything from parenting to her career and keeping children active.  

Early Children’s Language Development. Strategies for 0-4 years

professor sam wass holding baby

speech and language development is a gateway to other skills – even early learning in maths, for example, tends to rely heavily on language skills. It’s also a gateway to social and personal development, such as emotion regulation as language allows a child to communicate to someone else. Professor Sam Wass explains the importance of language development and your interactions.

A day at Fennies

fennies nursery and preschool Walton interior

Kerri Savage, our Oxted manager gives us a little peek inside the flow of a day inside a Fennies nursery.

Examples of Gross Motor Skills in Children (birth to 5 years) | Fennies.com

toddler crawling

Watching your little one begin exploring the world around them and using their new skills to surpass milestones is one of the most exciting things about child development. Refining these skills from an early age is an important part of this and can lay the groundwork for lots of future activities like standing on one foot, balance, coordination and walking without support.