How to support balanced eating habits at Easter

child holding easter eggs

Easter brings lots of fun and celebrations for children (and adults too!). Inevitably it also brings chocolate eggs and sweet foods. If you’re concerned about your child overdoing it with chocolate this Easter, I’m here to reassure you that a little bit of what we fancy is perfectly healthy.

Healthy Hydration for the Under 5s

toddler drinking water from glass

Our bodies are made up of over 50% water. So it stands to reason that we need to make sure we stay hydrated and keep those levels topped up. In this blog we share with you why staying hydrated is so important, and some top tips on the best drinks for your child.

Is it Okay to Give my Child Plant-based Milk?

plant based milks

With so much focus on moving towards more plant-based eating, it is no surprise that parents are wondering whether it might be the right thing to do for their families. So what is the best plant-based alternative to milk to give?

A Nutritionists Tips for Packing a Balanced Lunchbox

healthy children's lunch box

FENNIES BLOG Nutrition Home Fennies are proud to be accredited by the Early Years Nutrition Partnership (EYNP) for our menus and contribution to supporting good nutrition in the early years. We are delighted to bring you regular nutrition updates and evidence-based articles written by our Registered Nutrition Professionals from EYNP, Janet Aylott and Catherine Lippe. […]

Is Calcium Important for Under 5s?

toddler drinking glass of milk

Healthy bones and teeth are formed in early childhood and during our teenage years. Calcium and vitamin D are both vital ingredients to support healthy bone development, and we know that children who get enough calcium and vitamin D during childhood are most likely to reach adulthood with the strongest bones possible.