Is Calcium Important for Under 5s?

toddler drinking glass of milk

Healthy bones and teeth are formed in early childhood and during our teenage years. Calcium and vitamin D are both vital ingredients to support healthy bone development, and we know that children who get enough calcium and vitamin D during childhood are most likely to reach adulthood with the strongest bones possible.

The Importance of Role Modelling With Food

Mother and toddler eating at table

Some studies have identified that parental modelling is related to lower levels of fussiness and higher levels of food enjoyment in their children. When put like this, role modelling seems like a no brainer! In this blog, weexplore what role modelling is and how it can influence your child’s feeding behaviours.

Tips for Raising a Vegetarian or Vegan Child

mother and toddler laughing

It’s clear that there is a movement towards more plant-based eating. Whilst there are clear health benefits from reducing certain animal foods, and increasing plant-based foods, the nutritional impact must be considered.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Parents

children eating breakfast cereal

What we choose for breakfast is vital because it really does help to set us up for the day and provides a great opportunity to get a wide range of important energy and nutrients into our children.

The Importance of a Meal and Snack Routine

toddler eating with spoon

Children of all ages can benefit from a regular and consistent routine. It helps to create familiarity and can enable your child to understand and anticipate what comes next in their day.

Eating Alfresco With Children

family picnic outside

Fennies are proud to be accredited by the Early Years Nutrition Partnership (EYNP) for our menus and contribution to supporting good nutrition in the early years.

This months’ topic: Eating Alfresco with children