Food and Nutrition

As a member of the Early Years Nutrition Partnership, we are committed to exceptional nutritional practice.

Our Early Years settings play an essential role in helping to support parents establish good eating habits with the support of registered nutritionists and dietitians from the EYNP.

All meals provide a diverse range of delicious flavours to encourage good, healthy eating habits for the future. We are proud that all 11 nurseries are accredited with the EYNP Quality Mark, allowing us to bring ‘brighter futures through better nutrition.’

Our commitment to the EYNP means all our food is freshly prepared and cooked by our own nursery chefs in our onsite kitchens. Menus are updated seasonally, and we cater for all children under five, adapting recipes for younger palettes, including babies who are weaning. All special dietary requirements are catered for and all our nurseries are nut free. In addition, we also encourage our children to take part in cooking sessions with our Chefs, allowing the little ones to explore different foods, textures, smells and learn about chopping, cutting, and cooking.

Early Years Nutrition Partnership are a national social enterprise who, alongside the Pre-school Learning Alliance and the British Nutrition Foundation, aim to improve the future health outcomes of young children by setting a standard for nutritional practice in Early Years settings.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working across the whole Fennies group. Over 50 members of Fennies staff have been trained in nutrition and healthy eating for the under 5’s including members of the management team, nursery managers, room leaders, early years practitioners, chefs and kitchen assistants. This whole setting approach to nutrition has helped to shape many positive changes at Fennies from healthier, more varied menus to more hands-on opportunities for learning about food, nutrition and health for the children. The enthusiasm of the staff to adapt and take on new challenges, and the willingness of parents to embrace the changes, has helped us to support Fennies to make fantastic progress” – Dr Janet Aylott, EYNP

Mealtime is such a big part of Life at Fennies. To find out more about food and nutrition at Fennies, visit your local nursery and meet with one of our wonderful Nursery Managers.

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Example day menu
We are often asked by parents for recipes of the children’s favourite meals so that you can recreate them at home. Scroll down to view some of our favourites.

Menu idea 1
Menu idea 1

Lunch – Beef stew served with cauliflower and baby potatoes followed by pineapple slices served in natural juice.

Tea – Tomato and basil soup served with a bread roll followed by Greek yogurt with apple puree.

Menu idea 2
Menu idea 2

Lunch – Wholemeal penne pasta cooked in a tomato, beans and mixed vegetable arrabbiata sauce served with grated cheese followed by a sliced pear in natural juice and custard

Tea  – Pilau rice served with borlotti beans, carrots, peas and green beans followed by oat fruit bars and fresh fruit

Menu idea 3
Menu idea 3

Lunch – Whole-wheat spaghetti bolognese served with garlic bread followed by Greek yogurt and fruit coulis.

Tea – Beans on toast served with carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes followed by fresh fruit.