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My Fennies

I have been working at Fennies for four years as a Kitchen Assistant. I absolutely love my job! The girls I work with are great and we are like a little family. The Managers are very supportive and approachable too.

The role is very busy and involves me washing up after every meal, prepping and cooking for tea, ensuring all dietary requirements are given out correctly and setting up the kitchen for breakfast the following day. I enjoy being busy and look forward to the different meals we will be preparing and cooking for each week.

One of the favourite parts of my role is when I take the meals into the rooms for the children. I am greeted by happy, waving children shouting, “Wendy’s here”. Some of the children like to give you a hi-five or a hug. It’s lovely to see the children enjoy the food you prepare for them.

At the end of each day when parents are picking the children up they often pop past the kitchen to say hello and the children like to say goodbye to me. It’s been an enjoyable experience seeing the children grow up and be part of their sibling’s journeys too.

I love coming into work each day and hope to stay here until I can retire!

Wend, Kitchen Assistant