On 3rd September we closed the doors to our nurseries for Fennies annual Day of Inspiration.

“The Day of Inspiration is a big demonstration of our belief in investing in staff. Not only do we hire the best and most forward-thinking trainers in the nursery business to deliver the training, it also foregoes an entire day’s income by shutting the chain to make the day possible.

It’s a huge motivation for all nursery practitioners and they leave excited with knowledge that they can’t wait to put into practice. We ensure that everyone is fully supported by their Nursery Manager to develop these practices into their nursery”.

Gill Medhurst, Head of Operations

Investing in our teams

This year, some of our nursery practitioners were introduced to Early Years Woodwork. This involved them sawing through strips of balsa wood, hammering nails to attach corks to wooden planks and then decorating their models with buttons. This training was led by Early Years creative consultant Irresistible Learning, Pete Moorhouse.

Similar scenes were happening across our other nursery settings. Nursery practitioners took part in courses such as; Little Scientists, which saw the mixing up of concoctions like baking soda and liquids to produce colourful and foamy substances, Block Play, Children’s Photography, Effective Outdoor play, supporting children with SEN & D and many more.

Hugely Motivating

The Day of Inspiration leaves our teams feeling empowered and motivated with new ideas that they can implement into their own nursery to inspire the children they care for.

Hannah Collins, an Early Years Educator at our nursery in Epsom, agrees. She attended the Day of Inspiration’s block play training and what she learned is already filtering into her work with children.

“I learnt about the different developmental stages of block play and how we can encourage the children to move onto the next stage,” Hannah says.

“Since doing the training I have now observed each child in my room to see what stage they are at, so that I can build activities into their learning programme to progress them further.”

Fueling Curiosity

In Beckenham, Nursery Assistant Leanne Tough opted to attend the woodwork class. She has said this has changed her perspective on both the safety and value of doing woodwork with pre-school children.

“I was surprised because it taught me that done correctly, woodwork can be safe,” Leanne says

“A standout piece of advice I got was to introduce the tools in small groups to ensure children have a robust understanding on the safety of the tools. Once basic safety is embedded we extend onto more complex tools.”

Photography is also an encouraged activity for our children and Kerri, spent the Day of Inspiration learning how to use photography to fuel children’s creativity and curiosity.

“Photography is a crucial topic we want to incorporate into our nursery to support and challenge children’s development,” Kerri says “We had previously touched on photography at our nursery but not in depth, since the training we have been looking to implement it as a theme. A key element is allowing the children to show curiosity, awe and wonder using photography and their individual imaginative skills. Another interesting trick I learnt from the day was how easy it is to assume the reasoning behind a child’s photography and jump to a conclusion about that image as an educator. The reality is that the children have a whole different concept to thinking and that’s not necessarily what we may first think.”

Kerri Savage, Deputy Manager Beckenham

Watch below for a look into what happens on the day

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