Leslea Newman
Celebrating Diversity One Book at a Time: A Q&A with Author Leslea Newman

Books that celebrate diversity by weaving in topics and characters from a wide range of backgrounds is one of the best ways to teach children the importance of inclusion. Not only do books allow children to identify themselves within stories, but they also give them the opportunity to empathise with and respect those who are different from themselves.   We spoke […]

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Fennies practitioner reading book with child
The Benefits of Storytelling for under 5’s 

We all love stories! Whether they be real-life or completely made up, told to us by friends or family or even total strangers.  Stories and tales have formed an integral part of all our lives from a very young age, whether we realise it or not. Fact and fiction books have the power to invoke emotions, transport us to different worlds and teach your […]

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Child holding optic lights
Introducing the Fennies Sensory Experience  

Babies are natural-born explorers and in any environment, their curiosity levels are soaring. Therefore, it’s important to offer rich and inspiring sensory experiences during the early years for them to learn and grow.   The Fennies Sensory Experience is a bespoke multi-sensory environment, meticulously designed to open a world of learning possibilities within our Explorers rooms. Whether creating […]

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Pregnant woman holding stomach
5 Tips for Managing Anxiety During a Pandemic Pregnancy

Many women experience signs of anxiety throughout their pregnancy as this is a time of tremendous change, both physically and mentally. Having to go through these changes during a global pandemic has meant that sometimes this stress and anxiety can feel amplified. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you manage stress and anxiety throughout your pregnancy during […]

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toddler eating broccoli
7 Tips To Encourage Your Child to try New Foods

Having a varied and well-balanced diet is the ultimate goal for every child, but navigating the road to get there can be a little bumpy! Encouraging children to try new foods can seem like an uphill battle. Why do I need to encourage my child to try new foods? They seem happy enough eating the […]

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Toddler Sensory Play
The Top 3 Benefits of Sensory Play in Early Years

From birth, children are designed to use their senses to explore the world around them. Therefore, sparking their natural curiosity through sensory play in the early childhood is essential for development. What is Sensory play? Sensory play is the exploration of anything which incorporates a combination of stimulating any of a child’s five senses including […]

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