Pregnant woman holding stomach
5 Tips for Managing Anxiety During a Pandemic Pregnancy

Many women experience signs of anxiety throughout their pregnancy as this is a time of tremendous change, both physically and mentally. Having to go through these changes during a global pandemic has meant that sometimes this stress and anxiety can feel amplified. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you manage stress and anxiety throughout your pregnancy during […]

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toddler eating broccoli
7 Tips To Encourage Your Child to try New Foods

Having a varied and well-balanced diet is the ultimate goal for every child, but navigating the road to get there can be a little bumpy! Encouraging children to try new foods can seem like an uphill battle. Why do I need to encourage my child to try new foods? They seem happy enough eating the […]

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Toddler Sensory Play
The Top 3 Benefits of Sensory Play in Early Years

From birth, children are designed to use their senses to explore the world around them. Therefore, sparking their natural curiosity through sensory play in the early childhood is essential for development. What is Sensory play? Sensory play is the exploration of anything which incorporates a combination of stimulating any of a child’s five senses including […]

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parent and child eating salad
Why is Iron Important For Children?

Iron is considered one of the most important nutrients that young children need but nutrition surveys consistently show that many preschoolers aren’t getting enough iron in their diets. Compared to their body weight, children have higher iron requirements than adults due to the rapid growth up to 5 years of age. Up to around 6 […]

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Winter activities to do with your kids Fennies hero image
Top 50 Winter Activities for Children

Looking for ways to keep your little one entertained this December? Look no further, we’ve put together the ultimate list of 50 of the best Winter activities, from arts and crafts, to science experiments and recipes to get the whole family in the festive spirit! Don’t forget, all activities must be supervised by an adult, […]

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Girl at Bonfire
Bonfire Night Safety Tips

Planning on having Bonfire Night celebrations this year? As firework season gets underway, it’s important to remember that fireworks can be a cause for safety concerns. According to RoSPA  (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), around 1,000 people in the UK visit A&E for treatment from firework-related injury in the four weeks around Bonfire Night, with half of […]

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