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Toddler Sleep Workshop

Toddler sleeping

Settling your toddler into a steady sleep schedule isn’t easy at the best of times and it’s fair to say that over the last year most of our routines have been disrupted and bedtime has been one of them. We’re pleased to offer this event, hosted by Pachamama’s Arianna Radji Lee and Soundly Sleeping’s Charmaine Walters offers some advice and tips using evidence-based methods of sleep shaping and training that won’t leave you snoring! 

About Pachamama: Pachamama empowers parents with confidence, knowledge and connection in the fourth trimester and beyond. Through their online platforms and digital content, they support parents by providing access to experts in topics that matter the most to you, from child development and nutrition to mental health and wellbeing.  
About Soundly Sleeping: Soundly Sleeping mentor, coach and support sleep-deprived parents in the London area and internationally. We leave parents with a clear understanding of what normal infant sleep looks like. We help you understand sleep and how to meet the needs of and help your sleep resisting 0-5 years old’s rest well at bedtime and naptimes and sleep through the night when they are ready and able to.

Join us on Wednesday 14th July at 7:00pm 

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