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Read Along with Ruth – Shark in the Park

Readalong with Ruth

Join us for a live virtual read-along of Shark in the Park with our Educational Advisor, Ruth!

Date: Thursday 8th September

Time: 6.30pm-7pm

This book is an excellent illustrated rhyming story aimed at preschoolers but loved by all ages. Bring along your cardboard tubes and join Ruth as she bravely turns the pages to see if little Timothy really did see a shark in the park.

We all know that reading is magical! It has the power to transport you to different worlds, ignite passion and feed your imagination. And of course, is a great way of introducing new words, concepts and cultures to children.

Reading from an early age helps children develop a love for learning and at Fennies we have a real focus on this. Having a book club is a great way for us to share with you our recommended reads and to give you the opportunity to let us know your thoughts on the book and how you get along with sharing this book together at home.

Reading with your children provides valuable time for bonding and relationship building. There are many helpful tips for how to make your reading time impactful and special, as well as other activities that you can do around the book that supports learning – we will post all this helpful information in our weekly Tapestry update along with links where to find the book.

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