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Olivia Jones

Olivia Jones

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Charlotte Bailey: Manager’s Journey

Charlotte Bailey South Croydon Nursery Manager

Discover how Nursery Manager Charlotte Bailey is inspiring practitioners within her team to continue with their career development.

Charlotte Bailey Manages our South Croydon nursery and began her journey with Fennies in 2015. Charlotte began working at Fennies as part of a work experience placement which swayed her decision to choose childcare as a full-time career.

“At Fennies, I was introduced into a culture where I am treated as an individual and involved in the ongoing progression of the company. Very quickly my talents were noticed by senior staff within the company,”

Fennies recognised Charlotte’s hard work and commitment and was offered the support to develop her career, opening opportunities for roles such as Third in Charge, Deputy Manager and most recently Nursery Manager. Charlotte worked closely with the previous Nursery Manager allowing her to develop upon her skills and confidence and understanding of providing a supportive network within a team. As well as this Charlotte gained a Diploma in Team Leadership allowing her to enhance her practice within management roles enabling her to flourish and eventually confirm her position of Nursery Manager. Charlotte enjoys the responsibility of a managerial role and uses her knowledge to further support fellow practitioners within their own career choices and development.

“sharing a passion for childcare amongst a new generation of practitioners, from enthusiastic Apprentices to ambitious Room Managers to encourage them to follow their hearts and achieve anything they believe is possible.”

Charlotte has an understanding of each staff members’ individuality and learning techniques, and aims to encourage each practitioner to reach the highest possible standard of practice, “actively promote upskilling and promoting internally within the nursery and I am very proud to pass on my skills and demonstrate outstanding practises to all staff whom I have a role in employing,” says Charlotte.

As Charlotte is soon to embark on her own journey into motherhood, she tells us that, “I cannot wait to come back to Fennies and continue growing alongside the company. Fennies always saw my strengths as a practitioner and provided the training opportunities which were necessary for me to take the steps to become a Nursery Manager. I was always listened to and supported by my Manager and the wider senior management team at Head Office, which is a skill I have naturally taken into my own role now.

The extent of support across Fennies is imperative for practitioners to develop and there is always someone who can help answer your questions.”

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