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FAQs about Nurseries at Fennies

A: Your nursery fees at Fennies will include all meals (breakfast, lunch and tea), milk, nappies, wipes and extra-curricular activities.

A: At Fennies we offer an enhanced delivery of the EYFS curriculum that has been specifically designed by our internal education team. Our modules are tailored to each developmental stage and include Makaton, a STEM program, focused art sessions and well-being activities. This is alongside French and Spanish lessons delivered by our internal linguistics coaches, daily yoga sessions taught by our Room Leaders and sports sessions from our PE Coach.

A: Our Nursery Managers work closely with local schools in the area to ensure a seamless transition from nursery. As well as this, many of our activities in the pre-school rooms revolve around school readiness to prepare children for their next stage of learning.

A: At Fennies, our staff’s qualifications vary from Apprentices and level 2 and 3 qualified practitioners to degree level managers. Our in house recruitment team select the best candidates and we grow our talent with many practitioners starting off as Apprentices and progressing up to senior management roles within our nurseries.

A: All our meals are prepared by our on-site Nursery Chefs who are able to cater to any dietary needs your child may have.

A: Unfortunately, due our allergens and cross contamination policies, we do not allow external food to be brought in this enables us to ensure that health and safety regulations are being adhered to.

A: Yes, the children play outside at least twice a day, this is more frequent during the summer months.

A: Under 2’s the ratio is 1:3, for every 3 children there is 1 member of staff

2-3 years old the ratio is 1:4

3+ it is a 1:8 ratio

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