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Zola the Kind hearted Elf – Zoolab

Santa in a red suit holding a glass of milk, sitting next to a christmas tree. a child dressed as an elf, holding a bauble, faces the tree. decorative lights and gifts enhance the festive atmosphere.

Meet Zola – one of Santa’s hardest working elves! Zola works incredibly hard to make sure that boys and girls around the world have presents to open on Christmas morning. Santa sees how hard Zola has been working and decides that Zola deserves to be taken on a special trip. Zola travels over Africa, to India and through America via Australia, encountering a variety of fascinating local creatures!

About Zoo Lab: For over 20 years, ZooLab has amazed, educated and inspired through their ethical and engaging animal encounters. They believe that the early years is. Crucial phase of a child’s life where they can discover the world around them and offer workshops to motivate young children through active learning and storytelling around animals.

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