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Children’s meditation stories | Guided Meditation and scripts to help them relax

Olivia Jones

Olivia Jones

Content Writer

children's meditation stories

The benefits of mindfulness meditation are endless and they’re a useful relaxation tool for families to practice at home. But how do you go about settling your toddler or preschooler into meditation? Well, guided meditation is a great way to help kids ignite their imaginations take on the story that’s being told resulting in them feeling more relaxed.

The narrative which is often wrapped up in positive affirmations and soothing storylines can help focus children’s busy minds and encourage self-regulation. This is why we’ve put together a list of our favourite mindfulness meditation for kids for you to listen to at home. These guided meditations are perfect for bedtime, relaxation, and easing your child’s anxiety.

Guided meditation for Kids

Meditation for kids should be fun, inviting, and spark their natural imagination. These are our favourite guided mediation stories:

The Fairy Garden

This guided meditation story by new horizon will take your child on a calming journey through a serene garden. This is perfect for helping kids ease their anxiety, stress and to focus on those busy thoughts.

Thought Bubbles

This is a great way to explain mindfulness and meditation whilst helping your child understand thought awareness.

Dragon Storytime

Dragon Storytime makes meditation super fun and is a mindfulness practice that will undoubtedly draw your child in and spark their imagination!

Paradise Bay

Your child will be transported to a calm paradise bay with this guided meditation by new horizon that encourages a moment of relaxation and mindful deep breaths.

Rainbow Relaxation

Rainbow relaxation helps children become aware of their breathing and encourage early self-regulation through kids meditation.

The Mindful Pirate

Meditate with the mindful pirate and sail the seven sees to relaxation with this wonderful guided meditation.

Cleansing Campfire

The Cleansing Campfire is a mindfulness practice that aims to help reduce anxiety, stress, and worries that children may have through a calming guided meditation.

Ancient Egypt

Explore ancient Egypt with one of our favourite guided meditation for kids.

Sleep Meditation

Sleep meditation is great to incorporate into your child’s bedtime routine for a calming way to help them fall asleep at the end of those fun-packed busy days.

The Friendly Shark

Meet Harry the friendly shark in this relaxing bedtime sleep meditation by new horizon.

The Cuddly Koala

Cosy in with the cuddly koala in this adorable sleep meditation story.

The Sleepy Sloth

You’ll struggle to keep your eyes open too with this adorable sleep sloth bedtime story sleep meditation.

Your Magical Aeroplane

Your child can be transported anywhere in the world on this magical aeroplane sleep meditation story.

Freddie the Fox

We love this sleepy meditation bedtime story so snuggle down in Freddie Fox’s cosy burrow before drifting off.

Yoga Stories

We know that kids meditation is not always easy, so when asking your little one to sit still for longer than 5 minutes seems like an impossible task, we recommend encouraging mindfulness practice through yoga. Here’s some of our favourite guided mediation that incorporates movement:

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Bring this classic story to life and with this fun yoga meditation for kids!

Sun Salutations

Sun salutations become even more fun with this interactive yoga flow and guided meditation for children.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Your child will love exploring the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in a new way from stretching long like a caterpillar right up until they flutter your legs like a butterfly! One of our favourite alternatives to mindfulness meditation for children.

Safari Adventure

Your child will explore movement as they journey through this safari adventure in this fun guided meditation and yoga flow. The best part? It’s only 5 minutes long so this is perfect for when you’re in a rush or in need of a quick shake-up!

The Gruffalo

We love how this read-along of The Gruffalo is brought to life by incorporating yoga poses throughout for a fun take on kids meditation.

Rainbow Yoga

Brighten your day with this rainbow yoga that incorporates some fun movement, guided mindfulness meditation and positive affirmations that inspire children.

Bedtime Stories

Sometimes storytime can be just as relaxing as meditation for kids so settle in and enjoy some bedtime meditation read alongs.

The Lion, The Mouse, and the Sleepy Bear

Snuggle up with this perfect bedtime story for your little one.

Caterpillar Shoes

Caterpillar shoes is a wonderful rhyming bedtime story designed to help kids settle in and cosy up before bed.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Why not watch this animation of Goldilocks and the three bears just before screentime is over for a great way to relax before sleep.

Relaxing Music

If your child isn’t in the mood for a guided meditation, simply playing some relaxing music can be beneficial. Here’s our favourite calming tunes to play during the day or as an alternative to bedtime meditation:

Bedtime Music for Deep Sleep

Pop on this relaxing music before bedtime after a guided meditation to set a calming tone ready for sleep.

Be Calm and Focused

Try this relaxing music accompanied by an adorable sleepy animal animation to help your child drift off.

Baby Mozart

It’s been suggested that listening to classical music can help encourage communication skills and creativity so why not get a head start with this baby Mozart relaxing music.

Mindfulness at Fennies

At Fennies, we recognise the importance of mindfulness meditation for kids but that this comes in a variety of different forms. This is why we incorporate mindfulness at each developmental stage, from our Sensory Experience for babies, specifically designed wellness activities and physical education classes for preschoolers.

We also encourage daily positive affirmations to support the development and self-regulation of every child. As well as this, all our nursery Room Leaders are trained in yoga to empower children to feel focused, resilient and calm.

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