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Top 10 Bonfire Night Activities for Children

Olivia Jones

Olivia Jones

Content Writer

toilet tube rocket

Make sure your night goes off with a bang with these fun Bonfire Night activities for under 5s! 

Even if you can’t make it to a fireworks display this year, there is still lots of firey fun to be had! We have put together our favourite Bonfire Night activities for you and your little one to make sure they, ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November’. From creative activities to the perfect sweet additions to your Bonfire Night feast, this blog post will give you lots of inspiration to celebrate Bonfire Night right. After all… We flame to please!  

Recycled Rockets

3, 2, 1… Blast off! You can’t go wrong with this classic bonfire fun craft, which will spark your child’s creativity. The best bit is you will probably already have the materials around the house. From cardboard and paint to glitter and pipe cleaners, find out how to make an out-of-this-world recycled rocket

Toddler-friendly Toffee Apples

This is probably the only time you’ll hear your child ask for a piece of fruit! Great for even the fussiest little appetites, this step-by-step recipe will give you the best tips on how to make the yummiest toffee apples.

Tip! Cut the apple into slices before dipping for a smaller portion, perfect for younger children.

A group of glossy, red candy apples with wooden sticks, set on a white surface. they appear freshly dipped, with the candied coating reflecting light.

Fizzing Fireworks in a Jar

Remember, remember the 5th of November with this unforgettable science experiment. All you will need is an empty jar, food colouring, warm water, and vegetable oil to create your very own miniature indoor fireworks display (sort of) that combines creativity and science all in one- winner!

science experiment

Swirly Sparkler Sticks

As wonderful as sparklers are, it’s hard not to worry about any possible accidents they could cause, especially if you have younger children. These fun and easy Bonfire Night crafts will allow your child to make their own safe (and reusable!) sparklers, find out how. 

Tip! These sparkler sticks double up as perfect Bonfire Night decorations for a super sparkly way to celebrate Bonfire Night! 

Sizzling Edible Sparklers

Your child will love getting messy with these fun and easy chocolate-dipped sparklers! Simply dip breadsticks in melted chocolate, then add oodles of sprinkles and edible glitter to make this perfect Bonfire Night treat that will rival any firework display.

breadsticks with sprinkles recipe

Bonfire Collage

At this time of the year, children love to explore how the world is changing around them. Why not make nature your canvas with this crafty bonfire collage? Use anything your little one can collect from the garden, such as leaves, acorns, and twigs, to create their masterpieces of the night sky!  

Tip! Use darker leaves for the top of the flame for a realistic effect.  

Spectacular Salt Painting

Salt painting is a great way of bringing art to life as it combines texture, movement and colour. All you will need to create your 3D masterpiece is table salt, glue, black paper, and watercolours. Your child will love the sensory element of feeling the grains of salt as their artwork comes alive when different colours are added, discover how to make your very own.

Tip! Have fun with the colours, when they are mixed together, they look like real fireworks!  

Glittery Glowstick Tag

Who says you need sun for outdoor fun? This game of glow stick tag will have the family laughing for hours on end! All you will need is 2 glow sticks each, an open space, and you’re good to go!  

colourful glowsticks

Simon Says (with a twist!)

Creative play has so many benefits for children’s minds and their bodies and movements are a huge part of this. Our PE Specialists have shared their Bonfire Night twist on the classic game Simon Says. This will boost your child’s energy, help develop their coordination, and balance and improve their ability to follow instructions.

Simply call out the Bonfire Night-themed phrases and everyone must respond to them with the correct action below:  

Catherine Wheel- Everyone must spin around 5 times  

Bonfire- Everyone must wiggle their fingers like a flame 

Rocket- Everyone must crouch down as low as they can and then jump up like a rocket with their arms in the air  

Bang- Everyone must clap their hands together and shout, ‘bang!’

Tip! Play music in the background and encourage your child to do the actions in time with the beat.  

Sparkly Pompom Sorting

This simple but effective pompom sorting game inspired by the Fun-a-Day blog helps build an early understanding of mathematics by counting and sorting. Simply encourage your little one to sort the pompoms into colours and count how many are in each category.  

 Tip! Talk about the texture of the pompoms as they sort to enhance their learning throughout the activity.

Sparkly pompoms

At Fennies, we offer an enhanced delivery of the EYFS framework incorporating creative expression, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), physical activity and communication and language to prepare children for educational success.

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