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The Value of Creativity & Literacy in Early Years

Our Director of Early Years, Rageena, explores the importance of fostering creativity and literacy in early years.

Three people stand in a backyard, smiling as they hold colorful items including plates, a puppet, and a tray with handprints. they appear joyful and casual in a relaxed outdoor setting.

Encouraging a love for books and stories has long been a focus for early years as we understand that fostering a genuine passion for reading can unlock many benefits for children. 

At Fennies, our team of specialists recognises the value of literature in supporting the development of children and incorporates stories into their sessions to promote a love for books while supporting a variety of other skills that include physical, confidence and creativity.   

A World of Imagination

Reading opens up a world of imagination and creativity for children. If delivered well, children become engrossed in a story, enabling them to explore new concepts, places, and experiences. By introducing children to a diverse range of books, they are provided with endless opportunities to dream, create, and let their imaginations soar. 

Introducing Movement

At Fennies, our PE specialists, Jack and Aaron regularly base their sessions on books. Recently for example they have been conducting sessions inspired by “The Smartest Giant in Town.” By encouraging children to move in different ways in line with the book, these sessions not only promote physical activity but also enhance coordination, motor skills, and spatial awareness. In fact, the passion for getting children excited about PE and Literacy, has led them to create their own short stories with the children! 

A woman and a young boy smiling at each other at a table with crafts, in a brightly lit classroom. the woman is holding a paper while the boy looks at it with a joyful expression.

Art & Expression

Additionally, our art specialist, Priyanka, expertly links new art concepts to books E.g. Vivienne Westwood fashion and “The Smartest Giant in Town”. By combining expressive arts with stories, children enjoy and gain a deeper understanding of artistic techniques. They are encouraged to freely express themselves through various creative means whilst at the same time making meaningful connections to their favourite books. Take a look at our Addiscombe Road Fashion Show! 

A toddler with curly hair sits on a carpet surrounded by children's books, including titles like "gingerbread man" and "i am brown," looking at the camera with a curious expression.

Vocabulary & Communication

Rhyme and stories are also, of course, brilliant tools for introducing new vocabulary to children as they engage them in a fun and interactive manner. Through rhymes, songs, poems and storytelling, children naturally absorb new words, enhancing their language skills and communication abilities. Our specialists recognise this power and thread captivating tales into their sessions, enabling children to expand their vocabulary effortlessly whilst facilitating other areas of learning.



Director of Early Years

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