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Empower your teams through your inspirational leadership to be an outstanding nursery.

What is a Nursery Manager?

As a Nursery Manager, you'll be a passionate early years professional with experience working with children in a busy nursery setting. A Nursery Manager oversees the day-to-day running of the nursery, ensuring the setting provides a stimulating environment where the children thrive, and your team get the opportunity to develop their skills through your continued support. You'll take care of the business responsibilities in the nursery and be responsible for all those in your care.

You’ll lead from your passion to support your team to be the best Practitioners that they can be as they follow your guidance. You’ll have inspirational initiatives for actively developing your team’s skills by being a supportive role model, and you’ll stay abreast of industry news, so that your team can implement the very best educational care.

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What does a Nursery Manager do?

As a Nursery Manager, you'll start your day by conducting morning checks around the nursery and ensuring the Early Years Practitioners and Room Leaders are ready for the day ahead and have given you any important updates. Then, you'll ensure the nursery rooms are ready for the children to arrive. Every day you will fill out the necessary management reports and give your QDM updates on staff members and the activities in your nursery. You'll be an inspirational Early Years Manager who is a role model in the nursery family, and you’ll empower your team by ensuring everyone is following the correct policies and procedures. You'll create a positive influence in the setting and build genuine bonds with the parents, the children, your team and the local community.

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Open Job Positions

Posted 49 days ago

Salary Up to £50,000

Employment Type Full-time

Nursery Manager Job in job location map icon View on map Alexandra House / 5 Blyth Rd / Bromley BR1 3RS

Posted 49 days ago

Salary Up to £50,000

Employment Type Full-time

Nursery Manager Job in job location map icon View on map Alexandra House / 5 Blyth Rd / Bromley BR1 3RS

Posted 49 days ago

Salary Up to £50,000

Employment Type Full-time

Nursery Manager Job in job location map icon View on map Alexandra House / 5 Blyth Rd / Bromley BR1 3RS

Want to know more?

Our Nursery Manager, Tatiana, takes you through what it’s like in: A Day in the Life of a Nursery Manager at Fennies.

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You’ll be the best at...

At Fennies, we break down each job into categories where we want to see you shine. These categories are: Leadership, Communication, Training, Education and Health & Safety.

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You’ll be the best at welcoming new employees and new children into the nursery and actively supporting them with their continued development.


You’ll be the best at communicating with your nursery team and the parents through regular updates.

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Training icon


You’ll be the best at evaluating the performance in your settings and making improvements on a continuous basis, and self-evaluating to continue your own self-improvement.


You’ll be the best at providing high-quality, educational childcare through your early years experience and coming up with initiatives to actively develop your team's skills.

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Health & Safety

You’ll be the best at correctly implementing critical care plans and the key person, safeguarding, health & safety, and confidentiality systems.

Why join Fennies?

Life at Fennies is about loving what you do and having the passion to be the best at it! We believe that this is true for our employees and for us as a company. That's why we invest in what we believe in – you. We give our teams the opportunity to progress in their careers in a supportive environment.

Hear it from our Nursery Managers

We already have many exceptional managers who work with Fennies, so hear it from an experienced Nursery Manager to learn what they love about working with us.

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At Fennies, I was introduced into a culture where I am treated as an individual and involved in the ongoing progression of the company. Very quickly my talents were noticed by senior staff within the company.

Charlotte, Nursery Manager

We are looking for passionate Nursery Managers to join our teams


To be an Assistant Nursery Manager at Fennies, you need a minimum of a level 2 qualification in Childcare, and to be a Nursery Manager you need a minimum of a level 3 qualification in Childcare. Additionally, you must have a minimum of grade 4 or grade C in Maths and English GCSE (or equivalent).

At Fennies, we have many training days, programmes and courses you can join. Each one offers a great opportunity to enhance your childcare and child development knowledge. If you’re looking to specialise in a specific area, such as SEND, Academy or to get your degree, Fennies can help you with our Graduate Programme.

We have nurseries in London, Surrey and Kent. To find your closest setting go to the Our Nurseries pages.

Maybe you are an experienced Nursery Manager or a Deputy Manager looking to take the next step in your career, but regardless you’ll have a wealth of experience in early years nursery settings. This can be shown in your time working as an Early Years Practitioner, Room Leader or Nursery Assistant.

You’ll have Early Years Practitioners, Room Leaders, a Third in Charge and a Deputy Manager in your setting. However, you will also receive additional support in your nursery from the Education Specialists, Nursery Catering Team, and the Head Office Teams, so you can put your focus and energy into making your nursery the best it can be.