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Inspire those around you through your creativity and passion for early years education.

What is a Nursery Practitioner?

As a Nursery Practitioner, you’ll be passionate about working with the children in your room to create fun and engage activities for them so that they can develop, play and learn through your expert guidance. At Fennies we use the key person approach, so you’ll be designated a select number of children that you’ll care for and grow a special bond with through every interaction you have. You’ll be responsible for the safety, welfare and education of the children in your care, and you’ll develop strong relationships with others in the room to grow the Fennies family.

What does a Nursery Practitioner do?

As a Nursery Practitioner, you’ll build bonds with the children in your care and their families every day. You’ll track the development of your key children and give feedback to their families. You’ll assist with the routines in your room, whether that be naptimes, mealtimes, cleaning and tidying, or creative activities. You’ll inspire those around you to become empowered learners, and you’ll succeed as a team through your positive attitude.
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Open Job Positions

Posted 143 days ago

Salary Up to £24,000

Employment Type Full-time

Nursery Practitioner Job in job location map icon View on map 92 Addiscombe Road / Croydon / Greater London / England / CR0 5PP

Posted 143 days ago

Salary Up to £24,000

Employment Type Full-time

Nursery Practitioner Job in job location map icon View on map 37 Westmount Road / Eltham / Greater London / England / SE9 1JF

Want to know more?

Our Nursery Manager, Tatiana, takes you through what it’s like in: A Day in the Life of a Nursery Manager at Fennies.

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You’ll be the best at...

At Fennies, we break down each job into categories where we want to see you shine. These categories are: Leadership, Communication, Training, Education and Health & Safety.

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You’ll be the best at being a good role model that the children can follow and look up to and working as a team in your nursery room.


You’ll be the best at recording the children’s development and sharing progress with parents.

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You’ll be the best at taking the time to keep your early years knowledge up to date, and you are looking to create a career in early years education.


You’ll be the best at inspiring interest around the curriculum by creating fun activities that help develop children’s skills.
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Health & Safety

You’ll be the best at implementing key person, safeguarding and First Aid and raising concerns to the Management Team through the correct channels to ensure the safety of the children.

Why join Fennies?

Life at Fennies is about loving what you do and having the passion to be the best at it! We believe that this is true for our employees and for us as a company. That’s why we invest in what we believe in – you. We give our teams the opportunity to progress in their careers in a supportive environment.

Hear it from our Practitioners

We already have many exceptional team members who work with Fennies, so hear it from an experienced Early Years Practitioner to learn what they love about working with us.

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I love the process of building a relationship with every baby (I am in the Explorers Room), all the love that they offer you with cuddles and smiles, and how excited it is to share in their progress. For example, when they do their first steps, they look so excited and proud of themselves, and it makes me feel amazing!

Early Years Practitioner, Antia

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The most rewarding part of my time in childcare is that I see so many 'firsts' every single day! Mealtimes are such a rewarding time because we’re part of the reason why children eat what they do. If practitioners are encouraging and suggest to the children that their food is yummy, the children are going to be more likely to try new foods out! Handover is also a very rewarding part of the day, being able to tell the children's parents or carers how well their superstars have done today!

Early Years Practitioner, Paige

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Fennies has supported me in progressing through my Apprenticeship and helped me gain my level 2 qualification, Pru and my tutor Vicki were there throughout and were always available to give me any guidance or reassurance I needed. Because of Fennies, I was supported in gaining my level 2 and have now been given the opportunity to progress onto my level 3.

Early Years Apprentice and Practitioner, Amy

We are looking for passionate Early Years Practitioners to join our teams


To be a Nursery Practitioner at Fennies, we prefer for you to have at least an NVQ level 2 in Childcare. However, if you have experience of working with children and you have a good knowledge of the development of young children, then we do also hire unqualified Early Years Practitioners.

At Fennies, we have many training days, programmes and courses you can join. Each one offers a great opportunity to enhance your childcare and child development knowledge. You’ll be given the opportunity to develop your career in the early years all with the support of Fennies Academy.

Fennies Academy is part of our commitment to the learning and development of internal staff throughout Fennies and new employees. It has been designed to meet the needs of anyone looking to have a career in the childcare sector, no matter the route they want to take or the qualifications they are looking to achieve. To learn more about what Fennies Academy has to offer, visit our Academy pages.

We have nurseries in London, Surrey and Kent. To find your closest setting go to the Our Nurseries pages.

Yes, Nursery Nurses and Nursery Practitioners are the same position. Nursery Practitioner is another name for the role of Nursery Nurse- other titles for this role may also be Early Years Educator or Nursery Assistant. If you have experience working as a Nursery Nurse- you will be a good candidate to apply for the Nursery Practitioners positions at Fennies.

Fennies Nurseries offer nursery and preschool places for children between the ages of 3 months to 5 years. We have different rooms, which are specifically designed for the different development stages in the early years. Which room you are placed in will depend on 3 things: your preferred age group, your specialised experience and the vacancies we have available.

Yes. Through your experience working in preschool, day nurseries or other childcare settings, you’ll have a good working knowledge of a child’s development. You will be able to show your knowledge through your early years teaching and your understanding of the expected patterns of development.

Applying for a job at Fennies couldn’t be simpler. You can either send in your cover letter and CV to recruitment@fennies.com or fill out the application form.