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Fennies Nursery Teddington

Step into brilliance at our Teddington nursery!

Welcome to our nursery in Teddington, where a passion for education and the joy of learning takes centre stage. Our stunning modern nursery has been meticulously designed with Early Years in mind, catering to the unique needs of each child on their journey from little explorers to adventurers!

At Teddington we offer an out-of-this-world cooking and art studio that’s designed to inspire your child’s creativity like never before. Prepare to be captivated by more than just a nursery – it’s a magical realm of imagination and endless fun, igniting the spark of curiosity and creating a love for learning.

Embark on an exciting educational journey at Fennies, renowned as one of Teddington’s best nurseries, and let the adventure in learning commence!

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Nursery opening hours: 07:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday

Address: 111 Waldegrave Road, Teddington, TW11 8BB

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Teddington Nursery Manager

Meet the Nursery Manager


Monika has over 20 years of experience managing people and tasks, and she is always looking to grow and develop herself. She has always been passionate about education, as shown by her master’s degree in Education and her Early Years Educator Diploma.

Monika is ready to impart her knowledge to everyone in the setting so that each child can grow from strength to strength in a happy and enriching environment. She is driven by improvement, whether that be focusing on the development of the children, upskilling the team or keeping her own knowledge up to date. She looks to provide a safe, happy, and enriching environment in which every child will thrive to reach their maximum potential.

Teddington Nursery FAQs

Fennies Inspire brings together our curriculum and pedological approach with our Fennies Inspire enhancements. We have a team of specialist educators who lead these sessions to enrich the experiences we create for children embedding both the EYFS Statutory Framework and supported by the Birth to 5 Matters Guidance.

It goes without saying how beneficial it is to have this incredible team working alongside, upskilling and inspiring our children and Early Years Educators.  

Our Inspire enhancements are carefully designed not only to promote language skills but also to foster creativity and instil key life skills, including problem-solving and emotional intelligence. 

These experiences are key to closing achievement gaps and ensuring that all children have an equal chance to succeed in school and later life. 

Choosing a nursery for your child instead of a childminder brings numerous benefits.

With a higher number of children, your little one will have more opportunities for social interaction, opening doors to diverse backgrounds and different cultures.  

Did you know that children learn so much from their peers? By interacting and conversing with a larger group, their learning opportunities increase exponentially. 

Small groups with only 1 or 2 childminders cannot prepare children for the transition to a bustling school classroom of up to 26 children. At Fennies, we prepare them for success! 

Our nurturing nurseries follow a well-structured routine that provides stability while giving children the freedom to choose from a variety of experiences. They’ll thrive in an environment that nurtures their sense of stability and allows them to explore their interests in between activities. It’s about fostering their individuality! 

Unlike childminders who operate from their homes, Fennies offers spacious facilities and a wide variety of resources. This ensures engagement in learning, especially when they spend full days, five days a week with us.

Yes! The preschool room is designed with free-flow access, enabling children to seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.We also have a garden designed specifically for our babies. 


We place great value on the advantages of outdoor learning. It provides a canvas for their imaginations to soar and nurtures their mental well-being by offering a refreshing escape, channels their boundless energy into active play, and plays a pivotal role in their physical development.

The children at Fennies Teddington regularly visit the local library and other events in the local community such as the Teddington War Memorial and the park!

We welcome all children from 3 months to 5 years.

The Fennies Ethos centres around three core pillars; your child’s development and education, our collaboration with parents, and our collective staff team of internal experts, our key to providing ‘the right start for under 5’s’ for all children.   

We welcome children to our Teddington day nursery from the ages of 3 months to 5 years old and our unique curriculum offers an enhanced delivery of the EYFS framework. This includes a specifically designed STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) program, focused art sessions inspired by famous Artists, and lessons delivered by our internal PE and Linguistics Coaches to inspire and support your child.  

We believe it is important to develop an environmental awareness from an early age which is why we are involved in Eco-Schools awards and the Farmer Time scheme. This educates our pre school children in ways they can look after the planet and develop an appreciation for the world around them.   

The experiences children have at our Teddington day nursery lead up to a bespoke school readiness program, designed by the Fennies education team and consist of the Manager working closely with your child and family when transitioning to school.  

We recognise the importance of the well-being of children’s minds at all ages and encourage them to become confident little communicators when it comes to managing their emotions. Mindful activities, designed to calm and self regulate, are incorporated into children’s daily routines. Alongside this, all our Room Leaders are trained in teaching pre school yoga to encourage physical play and enhance emotional development.   

Nutrition plays a huge role in children’s focus, creativity, and mindset. Our nurseries are accredited with the EYNP (Early Years Nutrition Partnership) and our menus are designed alongside a registered nutritionist. Meals are then cooked on-site by our Chefs using all the fresh, balanced ingredients your child needs to learn and be happy.  

Nutrition goes beyond our menus and we actively involve children in growing their own fruits and vegetables as well as teaching your child positive mealtime routines to lay the groundwork for future healthy habits.  

Nursery Menus

Availability and Fees

Fees are calculated on a daily basis and vary depending upon the days and the number of sessions that your child attends. You will be provided with a detailed fee sheet in advance of registration. The fee sheet will be relevant to the number of days and sessions that you require for your child. We offer a 10% sibling discount, applied to the older child. 

Childcare fees are paid in advance on the first working day of the month. Direct Debits are collected on the first working day of the month. 

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Ofsted and early years foundation stage

We are proud that all of our nurseries are rated Outstanding and Good in all areas by Ofsted.  

Information for parents about Ofsted’s role in regulating childcare. The Offices for Standards in Education (Ofsted) is a non-ministerial government department that regulates and inspect childcare facilities. Ofsted’s role is to ensure that we provide the highest standards of childcare possible for your children. 

A toddler with curly hair, dressed in a light blue polka dot dress, sits cross-legged on a white bed, intently looking at a large open book. the setting is bright and airy.

Parent Partnership

We host a variety of virtual events to keep you and your child entertained and of course learn something new.

The Fennies blog is a hub of information for parents, whether you want to read about the benefits of specific types of play, the effect an environment has on your child or just some fun activity inspiration!

A joyful toddler with dark hair clapping her hands and smiling broadly, dressed in a white shirt and gray polka-dot pants, against a bright white background.

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