We are very proud our Head Chef of Epsom, Bebe Laudan, has been recognised for her hard work and commitment to the EYNP by Day Nurseries. Read all about how Bebe has transformed mealtimes at Fennies Nurseries.

Head chef Bebe Laudan has totally transformed mealtimes for Surrey nursery chain Fennies. Based in Epsom, Ms Laudan has devised a tastier, healthier menu where even the fussiest eaters enjoy dishes such as mackerel, salmon and chick-peas.

Ms Laudan who caters for 35 children has written the new menu in accordance with the nutritional guidelines provided by Early Years Nutrition Partnership (EYNP) of which Fennies is an approved member.

Launched in May 2016, EYNP is a collaboration between the Early Years Alliance and the British Nutrition Foundation and is aimed at setting a national standard for early years nutrition.

‘It’s knowing that I’m giving them the best nutritional start in life’

Neil Leach chief executive, Early Years Alliance and chairperson of the EYNP said: “Nutrition is proven to have a broad impact on short and long-term health outcomes including the likelihood of becoming an obese child and the risk of developing chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes and cancer in later life.

“Nutrition is a critical building block required to fuel this brain development. Getting the right food is as important as getting enough food, and poor nutrition can decrease a child’s ability to learn, lead to poorer performance in school and ultimately may result in a lifetime of lost earning potential.”

One of the main changes to the menus, since working with the EYNP, is to include more pulses and beans in order to increase the children’s protein intake.

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