A Room Leaders perspective on why the Early Years Nutrition Partnership matters

Fennies joined the Early Years Nutrition Partnership last year and has already seen significant improvements in the way that the nursery prioritises food and nutrition, from the development of menus to how the staff team encourage the children to interact with food.

We spoke with Layla Bridger from our Epsom nursery for a Room Leader’s insight into how the membership has had a positive impact on meal times at the nursery, and in training the team to understand more about good nutrition in Early Years.

Room Leader – Layla Bridger

“I’m a Room Leader in the Toddler Room at Fennies in Epsom and we recently welcomed the team at EYNP to visit our nursery and learn more about our meal time routines and talk about what the accreditation means to us.

For me, food is a big part of our day in the Toddler Room and the way we work alongside the children. We keep them really busy here, they do so many activities, so they need lots of energy and that comes from good food!

We make a big effort to make meals sociable and fun, but I am looking forward to learning some more tips that make us even better at managing mealtimes.

We also have children with allergies of course, and it will be great to be able to get some insight from our Nutritional Professionals, Catherine Lippe and Dr Janet Aylott , about how to make sure those children do not feel left out when they can’t have what the others are having.


Fennies EYNP

We also have children with special educational needs that have an impact on the way they interact with food and the mealtime experience. I’m looking forward to learning more about how we can make sure that children with these additional needs still have the best and most positive relationship with healthy eating.

Learning more about nutrition is also a brilliant opportunity for me and my Early Years career. You don’t really get to focus on nutrition at all during training, and its new and exciting to be learning directly from nutritionists and dietitians.

It makes me feel really proud to be part of Fennies and part of the programme. It shows how we really put the children at the heart of everything we do ensuring that their first and most important years with us set them up for the most positive future possible.

I know its going to challenge us all learning new things, but I know the extra work will be worth it.”

You can hear more from Layla by watching her interview with the EYNP here or find out more about food and nutrition at Fennies here.