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Parent & Toddler Yoga

A mother and her young child perform a yoga pose together in a bright, airy room, each pressing up into the downward dog position on their respective yoga mats.

Pachamama is hosting a parent and toddler yoga session in collaboration with the Founder of Enchanted Wonders, Ayala Homossany. You’ll explore different yoga and mindfulness-related activities, perfect for little ones aged 3 to 5 years, but children of all ages are welcome to join.

About Pachamama: Pachamama empowers parents with confidence, knowledge and connection in the fourth trimester and beyond. Through their online platforms and digital content, they support parents by providing access to experts in topics that matter the most to you, from child development and nutrition to mental health and wellbeing.  
About Ayala Homossany: Ayala is a Senior Yoga Teacher who leads teacher training and family yoga workshops with Enchanted Wonders. Ayala is passionate about the benefits of yoga in the early years and teaches yoga in schools and is part of the leading team ‘Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness for Children’ at Special Yoga. Ayala brings her own unique teaching style to her yoga classes encouraging children to appreciate themselves and to find their own inner voice through yoga.

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